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Christopher Jay

An expert in business psychology and communication, leadership development and international executive learning, Chris brings to The Exetor Group over 28 years of experience as an executive, consultant, facilitator and executive coach.

As a senior executive, he has held positions in the fields of management education, investment banking, software development, information systems management, and international executive development. As a consultant and coach, he has worked with senior executives to help them develop high-impact leadership styles combined with the intuitive flexibility needed for global effectiveness. He has also worked with early and mid-career business people, from over 20 countries, to help them develop deeper levels of personal insight and understanding of their potential. As a facilitator of executive learning sessions, he has specialized in global team development, structured problem solving, conflict management, negotiation skills and intercultural communication. His clients have included Intel, Cisco Systems, 3M, Motorola, AT&T, NASA, NEC, Hitachi, P&G, Deutsche Bank and The Hilton Hotels.

In addition, during his stay in Japan from 1970 to 1980, Chris spent 7 years as a Zen Buddhist monk. From that experience, as well as from other experience in formal meditation retreat settings, he is able to help clients personally in their challenge of finding an authentic and meaningful path for themselves.

Christopher Jay
  • Chris received his undergraduate education at Oberlin College and Goddard College.
  • M.B.A., University of California at Berkeley
  • Qualified MBTI instructor
  • Skilled in Japanese language at a professional level

Chrisís ability to deeply listen to clients, providing them with genuine personal and professional insight coupled with rigorous problem-solving, drives his clientsí commitment to personal change and transformation.

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