Leading a Business Begins With Leading People.

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Executive Coaching

Whether transitioning from one role to another or enhancing current performance, The Exetor Group helps executives achieve their most important goals:

Goals Assessment - A personal coach or counselor will together with the client develop a series of specific leadership goals including outcomes and measures that are identified as indicators of progress.

Current Performance Evaluation - Using a variety of surveys, confidential interviews, on-site observations, and performance evaluations, we assist executives to understand their existing performance traits, evaluate the gap between their current level of performance and future goals and aspirations.

Feedback and Program Outline Ė After reviewing performance information, our coaches identify key behaviors to adapt or change, that will lead to a change in behavior, thus enhancing performance.

Implementation - Coaches and executives connect at regular intervals to monitor progress, ensuring that the plan of action agreed upon is effective.

Monitoring and Follow-up - After executives' goals have been met, Exetor coaches may continue to work with the leadership team, providing expertise or resources as appropriate.

A Case Study on Executive Coaching

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