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Facilitation and Learning Events

A Case Study on Facilitation and Learning Events

Challenge: To design and facilitate a customized meeting for a large manufacturing company. The leader of this company had a very specific purpose: to have a newly formed division come up with effective ways of measuring the company's product development process under a tight timeline for delivery.

Approach: The Exetor Group created a multi-day event for the company’s top 50 executives from Europe, Asia, and the United States that required the attendees to not only develop the new measurement systems but also to test them out via a "dry run" that would ensure they were effective prior to implementation. Additionally, new members of the division were required to interact with one another across both geographic location and international job functions. This ensured future collaboration would continue after the event. An implementation plan was developed so that the new measurement systems could be put into place quickly and monitored for their effectiveness.

Result: The new measurement system was implemented in record time, creating a new internal benchmark for meeting the product development process deadlines.

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