Leading a Business Begins With Leading People.

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Organizational Alignment

A Case Study on Organizational Alignment

Challenge: To align the staff of a large, privately held organization behind a new business strategy that involved moving the company from a transactional focus to a “trusted advisor” mindset, emphasizing “relationship” rather than “transaction” when engaging with clients. This approach required new ways of leading both the "hard" and "soft" elements of the business.

Approach: The Exetor Group worked closely with top management to quickly assess which critical elements of the new strategy needed to be enacted by the senior leaders. New business and people-leadership approaches were introduced, to encourage ownership of the new strategy, and foster a spirit of collaboration among the top team. Next, Exetor faculty members helped put in place new organizational structures and procedures for handling client services that ensured systemic support for new behaviors. Exetor consultants helped make the transition as smooth as possible by providing specific training and tools to enact the new strategy.

Result: Through careful observation of the organization's culture and collaboration with the business's leadership and staff, The Exetor Group helped rally support for the new initiative on a company-wide level. As a result, the organization was able to implement the initiative seamlessly, which helped it respond quickly to new opportunities and capture significant market share.

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