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Organizational Alignment

The incessant drumbeat of progress compels businesses today to address a multitude of internal and external challenges. Whether dealing with a merger, new economy initiatives, a change in culture or managing continuous growth plans, The Exetor Group can co-create a customized, practical plan with our clients to ensure organizational alignment.

Assessment - We use interviews with top teams, and relevant proven diagnostic techniques to assess alignment issues related to goals, values, procedures, and stakeholder perceptions.

Identifying Opportunities Ė Based on our information from this data gathering exercise, we target the alignment issues that are likely to have the greatest impact on the organization. We often help clients address significant areas of change, especially when an industry is rapidly evolving, technology is creating shifts, or new markets are emerging.

Interventions - Our consultants take great care to partner with clients to co-create practical solutions that are appropriate for the company and achievable within its culture. We ensure that the timing and sequencing of workshops, hands-on problem solving and team building have direct, measurable outcomes. We may recommend changes in organizational structure to align human performance with business objectives, and work together with our clients to begin to embed these.

Results Tracking - Once customized interventions are in place, we develop tracking systems that measure current alignment and tools that maintain and enhance alignment and performance.

A Case Study on Organizational Alignment

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