Leading a Business Begins With Leading People.

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All leaders have unique skills that set them apart. The same is true for the companies they lead. But having the skills and using them effectively can be two very different things.

At The Exetor Group, we listen carefully to understand the ó personal, interpersonal, and organizational issues ó that appear to prevent leaders from achieving their goals. We identify and enhance the distinctive skills of Leading Individuals, Leading Groups, and Leading Organizations and find ways to assist leaders to integrate those skills into their personal leadership approach. The result is that leaders are able to see constructive change in themselves and those they lead. We continuously seek inputs from clients regarding our impact, ensuring we are continuously learning, and work in a high touch way. In this way we make a real difference with people, focusing on mindsets and behaviors, not processes or concepts

Armed with an array of advanced degrees and real-world business experience, our consultants possess the expertise to build business and people-leadership skills. At The Exetor Group, our reach is global, but our approach is personal. We build long-term relationships that help organizations transform their most complex leadership challenges into their most dramatic achievements. We join our clients in their world, and their frame of reference, and work with them in their language.

Executive Learning At Its Best

We believe that learning should be exciting and stimulating, and therefore we use highly interactive activities such as team problem solving, simulations, case studies, role-playing, small group discussions, presentations, focused reflection, reading, videotaping, and faculty and peer coaching, holding ourselves to the highest standards of trustworthiness. Work with global clients is interconnected with a coordinated set of objectives.

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